Dietmar Garn
Am Wellenhaag 10
61250 Usingen-Kransberg

Tel: +49 6081-984966

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Guitar Lessons with Dietmar Garn in different styles

Dietmar Garn works for various music-schools and also holds private classes.
Please contact me for further information.

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Dietmar Garn born in Kirchheim/Teck(Germany) studied classical guitar at the Hochschule für Musik Köln/Aachen and at the Musikakademie Kassel. He also studied electric-guitar at the Munich-Guitar-Institute MGI. He has a long teaching experience with advanced students and also beginners of all ages. He teaches behind classical guitar all styles for acoustic guitar,electric-guitar and electric-bass (classic, jazz, blues, rock). He played concerts in Europe, Asia and Australia. He was a prize- winner in six international guitar-competitions for classical-guitarists. In the year 2000 he received the 1st prize in the „Tokyo International Guitar-Competition“ one of the biggest and most prestigious guitar-competitions worldwide. The italian guitar-magazine „Chitarra Classica“ published in march 2005 an interview under the title „The future of the guitar with Dietmar Garn“.

Lessons with Dietmar Garn

The lessons are offered for different guitar-types and musical styles. For beginners the most common is the classical guitar (nylon-strings). Classical guitars are built in different sizes for young beginners (1/2,3/4,7/8 and 4/4 size). It is also possible to buy electric-guitars in smaller sizes for young beginners. Music-shops provide often starter-sets for beginners which contains – classical guitar, guitarbag, footstool or electric-guitar, guitarbag, flatpicks, cable, amplifier. You will get more information at your music-shop. The lessons are for beginners and advanced students of all ages. Here is a brief overview of the styles and teaching-contents:

CLASSICAL GUITAR: Melody-playing, chord-playing (fingerstyle), solo-pieces, songaccompaniment. Music from different epoches – renaissance, barock, classic, romantic and modern. Traditional melodys, folkloristic, flamenco and popular music.

ELECTRIC GUITAR: Melody-playing, rhythm-guitar, leadguitar(solos), improvisation. Traditional melodies, famous riffs, blues, rock, heavy metal, funk, fusion, country, pop, jazz.

ACOUSTIC GUITAR (steel string acoustic): Chord-playing, melody-playing, fingerpicking, flatpicking, songaccompaniment. Traditional melodies, folk, pop, country, jazz, blues, ragtime.

ELECTRIC BASS: Basslines, double-stops, pizzikatotechnique, plectrumtechnique, slap. Traditionals, blues, rock, funk, jazz.

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