Dietmar Garn
Dietmar Garn belongs to the new generation of international recognized guitarists. His repertoire reaches from the renaissance to modern music. He plays original music and transcriptions. Beside famous works he also performed premieres of works from contemporary composers. He is also in contact with new composers. Dietmar Garn studied classical guitar at the Musikhochschule Köln/Aachen with Prof. Tadashi Sasaki and at the Musikakademie Kassel with Michael Tröster. He finished his artist diplomas in Aachen and later in Kassel with highest honours. He participated in several masterclasses in Vienna and Trossingen with Jose Tomas, Tilman Hoppstock and Zoran Dukic. Before he studied classical music he was also involved in Blues, Jazz and Rock-Music. He was and is a professional sessionmusician and played for live- and studioproductions. He studied electric-guitar at the Munich-Guitar-Institut MGI. This wide range of musical experiences provides him many musical operations as live- and studiomusician. He teaches students of different ages from beginners to advanced and different styles. He also prepared students for examinas in classical- and jazz–music and holdes masterclasses and workshops at international guitar-festivals.

His international concert career started with the 1st prize at the „Tokyo International Guitar-Competition“ in the Year 2000. This competition for classical guitarplayers is one of the most prestigious in the world. In the long history of this event Dietmar Garn is the only german guitarist up to now who won this prize. After this prize he was invited to play many concerts in asia. In Japan he was contacted by the Yamaha Corp., who gave him an endorsement contract of the classsical guitar-departement. He was invited to several guitar-festivals worldwide where he played concerts and also was a judges-member in international guitar-competitions. He recorded for television and broadcasting in europe, asia and australia. He recorded for the CD-project „Spectrum-Musicum“ which was broadcasted in german radio. The organisation „Japan Federation of Guitarists“ produced a live-video which was recorded in 2001 in tokyo.

Other competition prizes in his career are: 1st prize and absolute winner at the „Anemos Music-Competition Rome“, 1st Prize and absolut winner at the „Music-competition Rovere d`Oro Imperia“ (he was the first guitarist who won the complete competition.), 2nd Prize „Hong-Kong International Guitar-Competition“, 2nd Prize „International Guitar-Competition Newcastle/Australia“, 1st prize „European Guitar-Competition Gorizia/Italy, Finalist in the Guitar-Competitions: „Printemps de la Guitare“ Belgium, Viareggio/Italy and Velez-Malaga/Spain.

The german press wrote „world class guitar performance“, the japanese Guitarmagazine „Gendai Guitar“ wrote „virtuoso, passionate performer“ and „extraordinary musician“. The italian guitarmagazine „Chitarra Classica“ published a interview under the title „The future of the guitar with Dietmar Garn“.

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