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International Guitarists

Endorsement / Guitars / Equipment
Site of the Yamaha Corp. in Hamamatsu/Japan.
Dietmar Garn plays exclusively the Yamaha-Model GC 70C.
Thank you for the fantastic instrument, the support and the time in Japan.
Great guitars from australia.
Dietmar Garn plays the Standard-Model.
Fantastic electric-guitars and amplifiers.
Thank you for the support and time in Markneukirchen/Germany.
Dietmar Garn is official endorser for shadow-electronics and uses pickups from the Nanoflex-Series.
Dietmar Garn won the international Guitar-Competitions in Tokyo and Gorizia with this amazing guitars.
Dietmar Garn uses Pyramid Strings.

Organisations, Guitarfestivals, Guitarcompetitions and others…
Site of „Japan Federation of Guitarists“.Information about the „Tokyo International Guitar Competition“.
Site of the „Centro Chitarristico Mauro Giuliani“ Gorizia/Italy. Information about the „European Guitar Competition City of Gorizia“
Information about the CD „spectrum musicum“ with Dietmar Garn and others.
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