Classical Guitar - Multistyle Guitar - Electric-Guitar

Classical Guitar

Internationally recognized and awarded with many prizes for his performances, Dietmar Garn is a regulary guest at international guitar festivals. He performs there on recitals, holds masterclasses and is quite often requested as judge for international guitar-competitions. The classical guitar is mostly his main-instrument. His repertoire reaches from renaissance to contemporary music, it includes solo pieces, chamber-music (f.e. Duo Aperto Flute/Guitar) and concerts for guitar and orchestra. For musicexamples refer to Audio / Video.

Crossover Music - Multistyle Guitar

Dietmar Garn plays the cassical guitar and additionally electric-acoustic guitars in crossover-projects. Classical guitar, jazz-trio and folkloristic music (spain/latinamerica). The guitars are therefore amplified if necessary.

Electric Guitar - Blues, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Progressive-Rock

Besides classical music Dietmar Garn studied electric guitar at the MGI Munich-Guitar-Institute. He plays all regular styles in the studio and live. In addition to a lot of studioproductions, he performed many-times live with the german band „Los Gringos Locos“. He is proudly endorsed by the german high-end guitar and amp company FRAMUS. For musicexamples refer to Audio / Video.

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